Welcome to Wisdom Way of Knowing’s eCourse site.

Here you will find Wisdom courses taught by Cynthia Bourgeault and other Wisdom leaders. These teachings will include foundational practices and tools, as well as ways to connect with our Wisdom Community of Practice Network. We are glad you’re here.

Introductory Wisdom School eCourse with Cynthia Bourgeault

Fourth Way Wisdom Work: Self-Remembering eCourse with Bob Sabath (interactive course)

“The technology works beautifully, delivers what it promises, and with operational ease…The Transcript is a brilliant idea and beautifully produced and extraordinarily … The filming was spot on … The sound quality was ideal and allowed me participate in the chants and meditations. Next to being there with you on location this was all an exceptional experience of grace. How wonderful the ways of God who uses everything for our benefit.”

eCourse participant Jim Hever, Cambridge, England

“The eCourse is amazingly well done! What a gift!! The transcriptions were unexpected and such a useful and meaningful component, and I watched the first video yesterday and was so impressed with the quality.”

eCourse participant Carol L, Cary NC

“There was no difference in impact or transmission in teaching received by video. All felt ‘present’ to the sessions, receiving teaching that catapulted us to depths of knowing and new recognitions. With Cynthia’s masterful gifts of teaching, she is ‘as real’ and present on video as she is in person.”


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